wet memes


rules of vitaminwater:

  • wetness always
  • respect for opossums
  • no respect for the boss
  • no capital letters
  • only one emoji exists 💦 
  • wet_fam 4ever

some of the most fun i’ve had at work.

every morning, the vitaminwater team meets to look through what’s trending. then we speed run making content from the pov of the dgaf social media manager, rush to get it approved, and post it, all before starting the “official” work of the day.

sometimes it‘s opossums.

sometimes it‘s what’s happening in the world.

sometimes it’s making up what the social media manager is doing on super bowl sunday, thanksgiving, or black friday.

deep fried is good. wetter is better.

Agency: Havas

CD: Daniel Cobb
ACDs: Andrey Ter-Grigorian, Guillermo Casanova
CWs: Jake Tannery, Ian Holmes
CMs: Lauren Wiggins, Hannah Meadows, Savannah ReeceKristina Prickett

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