Ostrich Club

Poster Collective

Jordan Taylor, Ender Isin, and I started a poster collective to fight crisis overload. Ostrich Club highlighted how humans are trying to solve the biggest problems in our world.

Each week we combed through news sources to find stories of how people are making the world a better place. Then we released a poster prompt with a headline and tagline about the story. Anyone was welcome to submit a poster.  

We ran the club from our Instagram

Week 1 

Headline: The hole in the ozone layer will be healed by the 2060s, thanks to decades-long bans of ozone-depleting chemicals.
Tagline: Climate crisis is serious. Here’s one positive change.

Poster by Rachel Howard
Poster by Alex Kirsch
Poster by Matt Fenster

Week 14

Headline: NFL organizers partnered with food charities to donate more than 30,000 pounds of leftover Super Bowl food to feed hungry Floridians.
Tagline: One third of all food produced for human consumption is lost to waste each year. Here’s one positive change.

Poster by Erin Vandeburg
Poster by Ender Isin
Poster by Leah Hale

Week 18 (First week of Covid shutdown)

Prompt: No headline or tagline this week. Make a poster that communicates what you feel about the situation surrounding COVID-19.
Poster by Sabatani Shetu
Poster by Jordan Taylor


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