Beats To Snack To
Social Series

Fanta is an international beverage, with different flavors enjoyed in every country.

Created in the style of lo-fi-beats-to-chill-to YouTube videos, Beats To Snack To celebrates how people pair Fanta with snacks around the world.

We commissioned international artists to create discoverable illustrations that showcase their home countries’ cultures and snacks and then animated the art with backing tracks. 

Artist: Raul Urias from Mexico
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Artist: Alejandro Parilla from Spain
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Artist: Ksusha from Russia
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Encore Edition: Beats To Sip To

After the popularity of Beats To Snack To in 2021, we did a bonus edition with the release of Fanta Dragon Fruit in 2022 and called it Beats To Sip To.

This encore installation was an Afrofurism piece, featuring visual art by Massai plus a custom track from musical artist Hakeem.

Artist: Massai from Brazil
Music by Hakeem
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